The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is roaring His battle cry on the earth! We hear the sound and burn with a passion to release the word He has placed in our hearts! Our debut album, “On My Way”. A prophetic, soaking CD that we believe the Lord will use to heal, strengthen, comfort, and encourage a wounded world while inviting each one of us into a deep and intimate place with Him. The Spirit is doing a new thing and singing a new song in our nation. Join us in doing what He is doing in this wonderful, exciting journey of intimacy, and adoration!


In the summer of 2013, I was at The Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina in the middle of my weekly, two-hour worship session when I heard a voice begin to speak to me. I had my eyes closed and opened them quickly thinking, “Is that You Lord?” It wasn’t the Lord per se, but a wonderful and trusted man of God standing beside me on the stage. This was highly unusual, in fact it had never happened before, so I tried to pay attention to hear every word that was coming from his mouth. What he said was indeed the Word of the Lord and went something like this:

“I see your voice going up to heaven as you are singing. The sound of your voice is filling heaven and causing everyone to be still and to listen. I see like a ball of light before you. You are holding it, but not for much longer. It is about to explode and will not be contained.”

Then he walked away and out of the sanctuary. I was blessed beyond words, and the next week when I saw him, I told him so. This cherished man of God was in his eighties and did not recall even giving me the word. I thanked him anyway and was about to leave him to his day when he spoke again.

“This will be accomplished in 60-90 days.”

I knew he was referring to the explosion of light that he spoke about in our previous meeting. I wrote of the encounter it in my journal and then waited in expectation for the first few weeks after that. But as what commonly happens, after a month or so, I forgot about the word, until exactly 90 days later.

I was again sitting down for my weekly session at TWC. I sat down and from the first strum of the guitar, I was taken away, completely lost in worship and in the prophetic words that were flowing effortlessly from my lips in spontaneous song! Two hours felt like 5 minutes! I had experienced moments of this before, but never for so long and with such intensity! There was joy, peace, laughter, tears, and such love! I was home! I wanted to stay there forever, just sitting with my Father, hearing what He wanted me to sing out, and singing it.

At the end of the session, I walked off the stage and into the arms of prayer warriors who were there with me. We prayed for another hour together, before the Throne of God where He blessed us each in a mighty way! They were taken with me, to a new level with God, including the sound engineer who recorded the session!

“On My Way” was taken from recordings of that day!

I received the tracks from that prophesied session, just my vocals and guitar, and the Lord said to my heart to publish it. We had never done a full CD before, and I did not even know where to start, but I did not have to. The Lord said he would give me everything I needed and he did! He handpicked the musicians that were to add their anointing to this project, namely Andre Pierre Bright. Andre is the keyboardist who literally laid down all the beautiful piano parts of this CD, filled with the Spirit and in one take after only listening to the recordings for a couple minutes. I had just met him a month before “On My Way” was recorded and it truly was and is a divine connection. Andre has remained a co-laborer with us on this faith walk!

“On My Way” was released in the Spring of 2014 and the Lord has blessed so many people with what he began that day at TWC. Father God has continued to take me to higher and higher levels, to deeper and deeper intimacy in His presence. I am so grateful for this CD as it is one of many reminders that He always does what He says He will! Glory to His name! It is my deepest prayer that this CD will do for you what it has for me and my journey with Father God! May the Lord meet you wherever you are, for you too are on your way!!

— Susan Valles


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