Zimrah, Dream Singer

Orphaned and cast into slavery, destined to shake the heavens.

In the land of ancient Israel, in the days just before the miracles of Jesus the Christ began, there lived an orphan girl named Zimrah. A foreigner and a slave with no knowledge of who she is or where she came from, except that she was rescued barely alive and only a week old from a caravan of slavers, Zimrah has many demons to overcome. Living among people that despise her for being different, she finds shelter in the last Jewish house in a City of Refuge, only to find that her master suffers demons of his own. She learns that these dark spirits who have tormented her all her life, can not only be battled, but can be defeated when she begins to heed the gentle Voice that speaks to her in her dreams.
Her obedience to the Voice leads her not only to freedom from the fear that stalks her in the night, but to the arms of a loving father who has been there all along. Following the Voice, Zimrah finds a lyre and the songs that have been hidden for her in her dreams. Singing these dream songs – an inheritance passed on through the bloodline of which she does not yet know- will determine the path to her heart’s desires, her future and her destiny.
Assisted by Rebecca and Garbar, the Warrior Angels that guard and protect her, and the love of a Roman officer who she must learn to trust, Zimrah discovers that her life has much more significance than she could have ever imagined. Her obedience and courage will shake the heavens and stir the hearts of all who touch Zimrah, Dream Singer.


“Zimrah, Dream Singer is a fabulous read. Having written several books I always rejoice when an anointed author emerges, and Susan is anointed! This fast paced page turner will leave you with a smile of edification on your face and just waiting with Holy anticipation for Book #2 of this series.” Kevin Basconi, King of Glory Ministries International

“Set in the backdrop of the early church’s birth, Zimrah Dream Singer is engaging.   Laced with historical facts and biblical truths, Zimrah could easily have been a real person discovering her gifts and faith.  As I read this story, I felt her pain, cheered as she battled, and rejoiced as she discovered the power of her gifts.  It was a great read.” Dennis Ehrenbock


I am amazed at the ways of God as I realize fittingly, that Zimrah, Dream Singer began with a dream. You would think that the dream was mine, but it was not! When the Lord speaks, even to someone else, we can take it as for us if our hearts resound with His truth!! Halleluiah!
After a soaking worship session one day, as I was eating lunch with our worship team, one of them shared a dream. His mother had just passed a few months before and he dreamed that he was in her house, and there were robbers there trying to take her things. He knew that this was his inheritance, left to him by his mother, and he was not going to let anyone take what belonged to him!
As we discussed the dreams’ meaning, we understood that we all have an inheritance in the spirit passed down to us from both our fathers and mothers, and that the Lord wants us to know what those things are so that they are not stolen from us.

So I proceeded to ask the Lord. I knew that my inheritance from my father’s side was worship, but what had the Lord ordained for me to have from my mother’s side? As He does so often and so well, Abba Yahweh answered me in a dream of my own. In this dream I saw a bed that my mother and I shared. There was gold dust all over the bed, and when I went to take a closer look, I saw that there was more than just dust. There were gold flakes, and then gold nuggets, and then gold bars. The more I looked, the more there was to find. I collected all the gold and at the end, I heard someone say that I had collected millions of dollars worth. (The Lord was meaning for me to understand much more than just financial blessing!)
In this I knew that yes! I did indeed have a wonderful inheritance from my mother, and that I would receive it! It would not be stolen!

This was amazing! Thank you Lord, I knew I did have an inheritance, but He didn’t say what it was!

Perhaps a week later, I woke up in the middle of the night with the beginning words of the Prologue of Zimrah, Dream Singer in my mind. I sat up in bed, opened up my laptop and started to write and write and write. The Lord kept giving me more and I kept writing. A character, Zimrah emerged, and then her story, which of course mirrored much of my own. Her fears, her dreams, her songs, her relationship with Yahweh as Father all stemming from my personal experience and how God had taught me through intimacy with Him in worship that through obedience, saying yes to His voice I would find the abundant life and future that He had planned for me from before time began.
As I continued to write, I began to realize that the Father was reminding me through Zimrah of all that He had taught me, and that He wanted to teach others through her as well. He reminded me that I loved to read! Had literally spent my childhood lost in a book, and that I had inherited this from my mother! I had always longed to make people feel what I felt as I read, totally transported to another time and place! Through Zimrah’s journey I was understanding more fully my own!
Her story captivated me from the beginning. I was lost in this world that God was revealing to me as if it were one I was recalling from memory instead of inventing. Holy Spirit was there with me, telling me what happened next, keeping me awake at night to write, (Sometimes the only time I had as I was homeschooling two of my four children at the same time!) and keeping me on track.
More than once, after going a month or more of not writing, the Lord woke me in the middle of the night with such intensity it felt like someone was beside my bed shaking me awake. He said, “Wake up! Write! Finish what you started!” And praise be to His name, He gave me the grace to get up and finish it in the timetable He had planned. His timing is always perfect!

If you would have asked me when I was a little girl what I wasted to be when I grew up, I would have said, “An author!” Oh, Beloved, Our Maker knows whom He has made! He gives us the desires of our hearts and then He gives us the desires of our hearts! If we commit our ways to Him, He makes our paths straight! Guaranteed!! He has promised it!

I pray that Zimrah, Dream Singer and the story behind it encourages you that you too have an inheritance from the Lord! Take the time to ask Him what it is! I promise it will be time well spent, a deposit into the abundant, life-giving future He has planned for you!

The Lord bless and keep you,

— Susan Valles


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